Dinner at farmer browns

Monday to Friday 4 pm – 10 pm
Saturday 6 pm – 10 pm
Sunday 5 pm – 9 pm

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Crispy Cod – €8/14
Corn tacos with crispy Cod, avocado, pickled red onion and salsa verde

Chicken – €8/14
Corn tacos with shredded roast chicken, avocado, grated cheddar, sweetcorn, fresh salsa & ranch dressing.

Pork Tacos – €9/14
Corn tacos with marinated pork shoulder carnitas, avocado, pickled, & ranch

large taco includes fries (gluten free)


Crispy Free-Range Chicken Wings – €14
In a choice of Franks Hot Sauce, Cola BBQ Sauce or Sticky Ginger, Honey & Harissa all with blue cheese dip and celery.

Fisherman’s Pint of Prawns – €12/16 fries
Freshly Atlantic Prawns, poached to perfection, served with chilli and lime aioli & toasted sourdough

Fish’n’Chips – €17
Market fish of the day in tempura batter with home
fries, pickled red onion, pea & mint pureé and tossed rocket

Killer Nachos – €12
Home baked chips with melted cheddar, mild beef chili, minted feta/avo smash, sour cream, salsa & jalapeños.


The Farmer Burger & Fries – €14
Two 4oz beef patties, ‘Dubliner’ cheddar, roasted red pepper, beef tomato, red onion, lettuce & aioli (upgrade to any side for a supp.)

The Zetor Burger & Fries – €15
Grilled cajun chicken breast, smoked Applewood cheddar, sliced avocado, red onion, beef tomato, ‘Ballymaloe’ relish & aioli (upgrade to any fries for a supp.)

John Deere & Fries – €16
Two 4oz beef patties, Cashel blue cheese, beer battered onion ring, beef tomato, lettuce, Ballymaloe relish & aioli

The American & Fries – €15
7oz beef patty with pepper-jack cheese, crispy smokey streaky bacon, tomato, dill pickles & aioli

Massey Ferguson & Fries – €16
Two 4oz beef patties, ‘Dubliner’ cheddar, crispy smokey streaky bacon, beer battered onion ring, beef tomato, lettuce & BBQ sauce

The Veggie Burger & Fries – €14
Roasted portobello mushroom, goats cheese, quinoa, pomegranate, tomato, letuce, red onion & 1000 island (upgrade to any fries for a supp.)

All of our burgers are served in an Arun bakery brioche bun OR as a salad bowl. (Add any other side for a supp)


8oz or 10oz Rib Eye Steak – €21/25
“The king of steaks”, a great all around boneless cut

8oz or 10oz New York Steak– €19/23 
An American classic, thick, juicy and bursting with flavour

Our Beef steaks are 21day dry aged Irish & served with onion rings, pepper sauce, organic salad & french fries.


Roast Chicken Salad – €11.5
Free range roast chicken, black beans, avocado smash, quinoa, sweetcorn, pomegranate, tostadas, salsa verde, pickled onion & ranch

Grilled Steak Salad – €18
10oz Rib Eye, rocket, Cashel blue cheese, caramelised onion, toasted parmesan rind & toasted sourdough croutons


Parmesan & Truffle Oil Fries – €6

Sweet Potato Fries – €5

Half & Half – €5
french and sweet fries mixed

Paprika Salted French Fries – €4